The site known as Blackmains lies just 2 miles north of Eyemouth at Cairncross Farm opposite Reston and Ayton. The site runs north east along the A1 between the B6438 to Coldingham and St Abbs and the road to Alemill opposite the north junction to Ayton.

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The site is being developed by Enertrag, a German company, who opened offices in Scotland in 2009. The proposed site has included buffer zones of 700 metres from Cairncross, Reston, Ayton and Whitfield. The developers are flouting Scottish Borders Council guidelines which recommend 2 km (1.25 miles) from residential properties and communities.

To quote Enertrag: “We have to ensure that the proposed site has sufficient separation from residences to allow a 700m parameter around turbines, although this figure may vary slightly due to other features, for example a location near a busy road would require less separation due to the already increased background noise.”

The buffer zone is important. Why? Enertrag recognise that a setback of less than 700 metres has problems with noise and flicker and this is on turbines less than the proposed 125 meters.


So who will be affected?

  • There are 18 houses within 750 metres of the site at Cairncross, Whitfield and near Littledean. Some just south of the A1 look to be only 600 metres from Turbine Number One.
  • Within 1000 metres there are 109 houses. The northern outskirts of Reston sit at 700 metres from Turbine Number One. The centre of Reston is only 800 metres from Turbine Number One.
  • Within 2000 metres there are 388 houses which include the rest of Reston, the whole of Ayton, Linthill, Alemill, Huldies Park, Gallows Law, Bee Edge, Whitecross Horn Burn and Restonhill.


The proposed seven wind turbines at 125 metres high will be visible from a number of key receptors within two and half kilometres. These include Reston, Ayton, Redhall and Chirnside which is approximately 700 to 800 houses. Within a five kilometre area that will also include Coldingham and Eyemouth. Enertrag itself has said they will be seen from as far away as Wooler and Kelso.